Mechanical Healing

A unique and innovative concept: create an Alchemy between the timepiece and its wearer.


The trilogy's Inaugural Piece, a masterpiece crafted from traditional horological art techniques passed on from a Master of the craft.
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Chapter 2

The second timepiece of the trilogy will be revealed in 2020, but already promises to reveal new horological horizons.
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Chapter 3

The ultimate chapter of the Alchemists' trilogy will anchor the Alchemists' philosophy through time.
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The first horological trilogy dedicated to Mechanical Healing

While ‘Creating Better’ stands as a global framework for the Alchemists’ philosophy, ‘Mechanical Healing’ represents its horological application.

A unique and innovative concept: create an alchemy between the timepiece and its wearer by imagining and implementing functions and complications favoring the notion of equilibrium.

Mechanical Healing’s vocation is not to literally heal, but more so to advocate for a state of mind, coming to the realization that a form of equilibrium can be reached through an emotion, captured by the Alchemists in their timepieces.

The Alchemists’ objective is for their customers to reach a form of equilibrium through their craft. Conscious that equilibrium is a subjective notion and that it is found under different forms, dear to each individual, their motivation is simply to do things in an artistic, positive and truthful way, according to their philosophy. Guided by the conviction that part of the answer can simply reside in wearing timepieces that are, before anything, traditional horological art prowess and the expression of their philosophy.

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