Cuprum 479

A unique and precious combination of elements, to reveal a forgotten legend: an innovative horological alloy inspired by millennial traditions and by a perpetual quest for equilibrium.

Cuprum 479, inspired by lore

Copper is one of Man’s oldest metal. Adopted by civilizations since time immemorial, from Ancient Egypt to Roman Empire and still nowadays. Copper, across cultures, has the reputation to promote positive benefits on the organisms and to soothe different kinds of pains. Inspired by its utilization through centuries of history, the Alchemists captured its essence.  As alchemists in the quest of their Magnum Opus, they searched for a way to transmit this essence to their Philosophers’ Stone: a new and innovative horological alloy was born, Cuprum 479.

The Alchemists are the origin of the birth of a new alloy, which main usage is horology. Its destiny was set in stone and Curpum 479 is perfectly adapted to all horological applications, from the creation of parts in the manufacture to their perfect hand-finish by the Alchemists’ watchmakers.

Cuprum 479, an innovative alloy

The alloy’s recipe is the Alchemists’ secret. This innovative alloy, gifted with surprising properties, does not need a surface treatment, its unique stability allows it to substract itself from galvanizing processes. Its purity is naturally imparted to the timepiece and its movement.

It thus falls within the lineage of vintage nickel silver and steel calibres, ideal for watchmakers who always work with pure materials. In addition, Cuprum 479 can be machined to the smallest tolerances before being polished and finished by hand. A process following traditional horological art’s most demanding methods.

Cuprum 479 is a pure, noble and immortal material. As a horological alloy, it will always be the watchmaker’s joy to be able to give its youth back to Cuprum 479, even centuries from now.

Mechanical Healing

Cuprum 479 is part of the roots of the horological application of the Alchemists’ philosophy: Mechanical Healing. This proprietary alloy is a cornerstone of their DNA and will only exist through their timepieces.

The birth of this new alloy also led the Alchemists to thing to its field of expression in their timepieces. As of today, the parts from the trilogy’s timepieces which creation is guaranteed in Cuprum 479 are the case, bottom plate, crown, pin buckle, hours, minutes and seconds hands, dials’ bases and the majority of bridges.

Reveal what has been forgotten.

For the first time, a watch collection has been imagined equilibrium, associated to a very exclusive Haute Horlogerie dimension. The Alchemists are preparing a horological trilogy from which the Cu29 is the inaugural piece. All timepieces emanating from the Alchemists will be loyal to traditional horological art, with each their own way to promote Mechanical Healing.

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