Creating Better

From the principle that the race to capture time is as vain as it is impossible, the idea of the Alchemists is to use time as an ally and a cornerstone of a fulfilling life.

Alchemists thought

More precise, faster, more complicated: these adjectives are often repeated and applied to today’s increasingly sophisticated timepieces. This drive to do “more” is commendable, this is what led watchmakers, day after day during three centuries, to design pieces whose performance is today without equals compared with the first clocks of the Age of Enlightenment. Watches today can no longer be compared with the clocks of yesteryear: they are more precise, precious, durable and stable, amongst many other qualities.

But what if instead of doing “more”, we could bring a philosophical approach guided by an art of living? Is there an alternative way? A philosophy where the timepiece is aimed at bringing something more intimate to its wearer?

A philosophy of all that is essential

Creating Better is a motto providing a more general framework to the Alchemists' philosophy. "Creating Better", two words conveying a philosophy of all that is essential. There is nothing more to add, each word is essential.
Because the Alchemists are inventing today an alternative form of watchmaking.
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Because the challenge is not to compete with contemporary watchmaking performance, but rather to offer an alternative path founded on equilibrium and self-fulfillment.

Once upon a time, three Alchemists

Alchemists is a Maison d’Horlogerie aimed at creating exceptional high end timepieces following traditional horological art, based on a unique and innovative alloy. The timepieces’ conception is imagined around the notion of Mechanical Healing.

Picture of Fabrice Thüler and Philippe Dufour in his watchmaker garnment
Picture of Denis Vipret's hand, a healer's hand
Picture of Hervé Schlüchter working in Villa Jolimont's old workshop

Creating Better, one philosophy, three Alchemists

Alchemists is the result of an association of persons with each their own respective universes, who chose to unite in order to share their vision of horology with the world.

Picture of Fabrice Thüler

Fabrice Thüler

Fabrice Thüler is a natural leader who in less than 20 years has risen extraordinarily within the watchmaking industry thanks to his perfect understanding of the technical challenges facing great manufactures. In 2001, he created Swiss Finest SA, a company dedicated to selling parts internationally and screw machining. Screw machining, a business essential to watchmaking, would become its mainstay. He bought his first machine in 2004, which he set up in a garage.

Fabrice Thüler then invented the exclusive process of generating gears from a single piece of bar stock using a screw machine, which attracted orders for extraordinarily large volumes. He doubled his sales for several consecutive years, had to move three times, and his purchases of machines multiplied. 

In 2008, he acquired the Villa Jolimont, commonly called the Château de Saignelégier, which he considerably renovated and expanded so that, three years later, he could accommodate his entire business. In 2014, Swiss Finest SA was capable of developing, refining and making a complete watchmaking calibre, which increased its appeal and backlog of orders from the greatest names in fine watchmaking.

2015 was the year he developed Cuprum 479, that was later patented in 2017. His encounter with Hervé Schlüchter provided him with the opportunity to develop not only an individual watch but also a true brand boasting a complete collection which makes use of a new approach in watchmaking: “Creating Better”.

Hervé Schlüchter

Watchmaker and designer, Hervé Schlüchter worked for a major Maison d’Horlogerie for 17 years, creating timepieces that were noticed and appreciated by collectors all around the globe.

His distinctive and asserted style offers a modern interpretation of inspirations belonging to horlogy’s history, blended to a stylistic current he holds dear: biodesign. He is fond of architectures with volumes, such as in traditional horology pieces, guiding him in the conception of his own timepieces.

Each of Hervé Schlüchter’s creation starts from a blank page, letting his creativity run freely. He holds a particular importance to the fact that he is a watchmaker, who is also capable of designing and conceptualizing his creations: from part-by-part conception of a movement to its decoration. Identifying himself to the way watchmakers from the XIXth and XXth centuries used to work, he delivers his interpretation of what a modern watchmaker can aspire to be, perpetuating horological savoir-faire from yesteryear.

The values he holds dear and his conception of horology caught Philippe Dufour’s attention, who decided to take Hervé as his apprentice in mastering traditional horological art’s know-hows. This immense honor instills a new responsibility to Hervé: that of preserving and perpetuating these know-hows to future generations, which he already humbly undertaken through the Alchemists, by beginning the training of two watchmakers to these ancestral techniques.

This creative as well as educational endeavor is the engine fueling Hervé’s strength, realizing himself day after day.

Picture of Hervé Schlüchter
Picture of Denis Vipret, Alchemists

Denis Vipret

Denis Vipret was born in Léchelles, Switzerland in 1965. At the age of 15, while helping up a schoolmate who had fallen to the ground, he saw in his hand, in miniature, about 5 cm long and with red areas, a representation of what this person suffered from.

Since that day, he has devoted much of his energy to curing the thousands of people travelling to see him at his family farm. 40 years later, you can still read on the walls of his office the hundreds of thank-you notes written by world-renowned celebrities as well as grandparents, parents and even children, who thank him for having helped cure their often incurable illnesses.

Denis is the first Alchemist, the man who created the secret recipe for Cuprum 479.

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