Alchemists Watches

Mechanical Healing


Creating Better, an alternative horological philosophy associating Haute Horlogerie, equilibrium and self-fulfillment.

The first horological trilogy dedicated to Mechanical Healing

A philosophy of all that is essential

From the principle that the race to capture time is as vain as it is impossible, the idea of the Alchemists is to use time as an ally and a cornerstone of a fulfilling life.


For the first time, a collection of timepieces has been imagined around the association of equilibrium and self-fulfillment, to a highly exclusive watchmaking manufacture. The Cu29 is the inaugural piece and represents the Alchemists’ horological masterpiece, following traditional horological art know-hows.

Mechanical Healing

A unique and innovative concept: create an alchemy between the watch and its wearer, giving birth to the Alchemists’ first trilogy of calibers.

Haute Horlogerie's know-how and a powerful human adventure

The Alchemists’ will is deeply guided by the goal of saving, perpetuating and transmitting traditional horological know-hows, that are anchored in Haute Horlogerie‘s heritage and which only a few watchmakers still master to this day.

Discover rare craftsmanship skills, an invaluable heritage forged through the meetings of a lifetime.

Cuprum 479

A patented innovative horological alloy, inspired by traditions, for a new take on traditional horology.
Discover Cuprum 479

Villa Jolimont

Discover the Alchemists' birthplace and the home of their art. A unique environment for a perpetual quest to perfection.
Discover the Manufacture

Creating Better

A new horological philosophy, offering an alternative path founded on Haute Horlogerie's traditions, equilibrium and self-fulfillment.
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